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Custom Sangria's and Wine Cocktails

Custom Sangria's and Wine Cocktails

Custom Sangria's and Wine Cocktails

A full cocktail service does not necessarily require liquors.  We can free you from the hassle associated with an ABC permit.


Handmade Custom Mixers

Custom Sangria's and Wine Cocktails

Custom Sangria's and Wine Cocktails

Have a particular flavor in mind?  We can work with you, to create your very own signature pallet.


Mobile Bar Setups

Custom Sangria's and Wine Cocktails

Mobile Bar Setups

If you have a theme, we do our best to work with you, to make sure we fit in.  Allow us to plan with you, so we can decorate our bar for your special occasion.

Who We Are . . .

 The Wine Flower is a  Custom Mobile Cocktail Service, who lovingly specializes in Personalized Wine Cocktail Menus and Sangria creations, all designed around your event day. 

What We Offer . . .

  Passion is in the details. The Wine Flower bartender will take pride in working with you, to create your unique sangria recipe, a menu of signature wine cocktails, or work with you to create your dream event cocktail service.  

What We Bring . . .

As the bar planner, we work along side the event planners and we coordinate the setup and execution of the bar space.  Whether you would like your bar to be a friendly, minimalist space, or an ornate and decorated space with matching decor coordinated to your event, we are happy to handle the bar details for you.

Where We Go . . .

As a mobile service, The Wine Flower travels to many local venues throughout North Carolina.  Give us your heading and we will meet you there!

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